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Find a wide range of coffee machines, kettles, coffee accessories and more. As a weekday routine or a special moment nothing beats the warming flavour of a great cup of tea or coffee. Share the great times with friends and family in your own home with our range of tea and coffee making products. Appliance Kitchen has the Coffee Makers, Kettles, Drink Blenders or Juicers to capture those experiences for you in your home.  

For a chilled beverage our range of Juicers is the only way to go. Freshly squeezed juice tastes delicious and can offer great health benefits. Our Juicers range features many options to create the tastiest fresh juice possible.

Looking for a kitchen blender? Blenders are highly versatile and can be used for creating healthy smoothies, mixing and grinding food or blending ice for your next summer dessert. In the kitchen use your blender for many things: to grind nuts to create popular nut butters like peanut butter or almond butter, mix batters or grind up ice for a snow cone treat.  All blenders are different, when purchasing consider the strength of the motor and the size of the jar to ensure it is the correct blender for your needs.