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Mixing up fruit for a smoothie, preparing a milkshake for friends or needing the strength to crush ice, a quality blender is a necessary part of a well-stocked kitchen. Most blenders will be able to reduce and combine ingredients, but selected models have the power to crush ice effortlessly, mix and puree ingredients, and produce healthy juice, baby food or even soup.

Unlike other kitchen appliances, a blender is able to perform a variety of different duties. While a food processor may be better at reducing large vegetables into slices or bite-sized chunks, and a juicer better at extracting the nutritious juice from your favourite fruits, a high-quality blender is a versatile all-rounder that can be used for both of these tasks, as well as mixing and combining different ingredients.

Appliance Kitchen has a range of blenders to choose from, including models with glass pitchers, and higher-end models which are suitable for frequent use. Whatever your budget, we've got blenders to suit your requirements. Our brands include: Breville, Morphy Richards and Russell Hobbs.