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Bread Makers

Ready to try baking your own bread at home? From large loaves to smaller rolls, French baguettes, or Italian herb bread, a quality bread maker will make it easy to prepare them all at home. Take the guessing away from kneading and oven variations with a breadmaker. 

Selected bread makers can be used to prepare more than just bread – for example, some Panasonic bread makers can also make cakes, as well as tasty accompaniments such as jam. Most bread makers will come supplied with a recipe booklet, which will provide helpful advice and instructions for getting the most out of your machine. Whether you're making sourdough, fresh pizza dough, or ordinary loaves of white bread – a bread maker is a wise investment for anyone who loves cooking at home.

And there's good news for people with gluten intolerance – most bread makers include special settings for gluten-free baking. This means you can enjoy all your favourite baked treats with complete peace of mind.