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A kettle is one of the most frequently used appliances in your kitchen. A quality kettle can make the difference between an average kitchen and a great one. Many quality kettles today have a variety of features that can help you create the best coffee or best tea.

Keep warm function can help maintain your water’s temperature even if you can’t get back to the kettle for a while, and some kettles even include a Time Remaining display.

Selected kettles are available in quiet boil models, so your household won’t be disturbed, or whistle on boil models, so you’ll know straight away when your water is ready. If you’d rather not wait for your hot water, pick a kettle with a fast boil feature.

Kettles with cord storage help to keep your kitchen tidy, and cordless kettles with power bases are easy to use in a cramped kitchen.

To give your kitchen a great look, some kettles like the range from Morphy Richards come in a range of colours and retro designs, while others are made from glass that looks great and lets you keep a close eye on your water as it boils.